Hammonds Flight School

Don’t keep dreaming about flying, start learning today!
Learning to fly a plane is a fun and exciting experience. Fewer than 2% of the population are pilots. Whether you want to become a pilot or would like to learn for recreational purposes, get your training from the finest and oldest school in the South, Hammonds Flight School. Our professionals have helped over 1,400 people who had a dream to become a pilot, achieve it! Start your journey today…
  • Personalized one-on-one training
  • Accommodating to your scheduling needs
    • Self paced & accelerated programs available
  • Structured training syllabus (flight & ground) that is FAA approved
  • Courteous and helpful staff
  • Must be 11 or older to start training
  • Sea plane training available
  • Instrument rating certification available
  • Bi-annual flight reviews
Classes start daily. Register today!
  • IRA – Instrument Rating Airplane
  • IPC – Instrument Proficiency Checks
  • BGI – Basic Ground Instructor
  • COMM – Commercial Pilot
  • CFI – Certified Flight Instructor
  • CFII(A) – Certified Flight Instrument Instructor
  • PVT – Private Pilot
  • SEL – Single-engine Land
  • SES – Single-engine Sea
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